Some tips to volunteer abroad – Part 1 – The travelling freckle

I have been out of the cyber world for a while but I wanted to quickly give you some of the options I have found since I started this adventure of travelling and helping.

My way of working is usually finding a place to volunteer in exchange of bed and food, and I have found that through Yes, you have to pay a fee, but the fee is good for at least two years; for individual profiles it’s 29.00 USD and for a couple or team profile (two people) it’s 38.00 USD, they both keep you signed up for two years like I mentioned before.

You may also take a look at the host list without signing up and contacting them directly, or get to your destination and start asking around if somebody needs a volunteer for basic hostel/hotel duties or maybe if you are specialized in a field, you can offer that as work. There are infinite ways to find the volunteer option for acommodation.

After I have found a volunteer option for acommodation, I start searching for the place I will actually volunteer to help out. In this opportunity, a friend that works with me in the hostel told me about an animal shelter and how they needed volunteers, so that was easy. But you may also go to non-profits in town and offer help or contacting organizations before arriving might work too. There are a couple of websites I have been recommended but have not used yet:

INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER HQ             You have to pay in order to go.

GLOBAL CHARITY JOBS                               This website is more for job opportunities.

Here are more pages for you:

Always check with UNITED NATIONS, they are looking for volunteers to support peace and development worldwide. Just apply under Register and if you need more info, click here.

WWOOFING has a page for each country so make sure you find out where you are going before applying. They give you plenty of opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles while you help; they offer acommodation, food and fun experiences.

WORLDPACKERS do charge but they have an option under discounts that if you get a certain amount of references you can earn a free trip (Ialready have one just in case I decide to apply through their website). I still haven’t use it but will do when the time is right.

TRABAJAR POR EL MUNDO has a lot of options as well.

-Always make sure that you read all the requirements on the volunteer postings.

-Know that you will have schedules and hours to be commited to what you have chosen to help with.

-Always ask questions, never assume! and ask again! (I thought I had learned this lesson, but last week I got burned, so always ask twice if everybody is in the same page)

-You are probably leaving your country and help in another one where culture is different, try to learn a bit about the new culture you are getting into.

-Show respect towards everything that is different to what you are used to, there is a reason they do it that way, learn why and appreciate it.

-Enjoy your time. Never stop doing something because of fear.

-I know you are travelling the world or on vacation but remember you applied for this opportunity so do your best. You are changing somebody else’s life.

-Always wear your best smile. Money will never give the organization what you are giving them right now, which is time and love.

-Congrats for following this path, I am learning and I think I have reached a state where money is not important to me. As of now I have $1,40 in my pocket. (I will share in another post how I earn money, since I don’t have a garden just yet to eat with no worries)

I am new at all this, I have been out of my comfort zone for almost 6 months, so I will be sharing what I learn as I go but I hope this few tips help you get out and start helping while you travel the globe.

For now, I need help with the fundraiser I have while I am travelling, either donating or just sharing the info, I have several links on my Facebook if you would like to share them, but here is the fundraiser:

the money raised will be given to the organization I found here in Cuenca, Ecuador.
They are called Peluditos Cuenca

They don’t have any more food and they haven’t found a home so this will benefit them while they stay at the shelter. This is the shelter I volunteer at every week.

11958186_962800243743183_5559297738635920384_o 11895254_962800230409851_670736867945348324_o

Gracias pecosos and enjoy life. #saldetucasayvive


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