Go see the world alone, woman! – The travelling freckle 

Just drop whatever you are doing and imagine it, do you see yourself away from everything? conquering it all by the firm steps you are taking without hesitation, that’s right, you are just taking over the world one step at a time, with a big huge smile I must add.

Society always tries to save us, Disney and others always do the typical damsel in distress looking for their prince, etc. Yes, I secretly want one too but to tell you the truth sometimes I save myself better and I prefer that for now.

I am writing this at the beach in Olón, Ecuador. I left home on March 18th, home was in the United States where I lived for 7 years with my family and cats. I am originally from Venezuela, born and raised, and my grandparents are Spanish and Italian, so basically I am a little scattered all over the place. Since I was a little girl I got used to moving from house to house, dad works on the oil field and moving a lot comes with it; even when I was baby I took on a big move and left my hometown (Puerto Ordaz) to go to another big city (Maracaibo) and I stayed there for solid 16 years, the longest I have been somewhere. Then, it all started to go downhill from there and there is no stop, ever.
Went to Texas to polish my English for a year, went back to Venezuela and started college and in the middle of my second year we all moved to the US on 2008. Oklahoma was my new home and I stayed there until 2014.
I studied a new career, I worked several jobs, from being a server in several places to beng a cashier at Barnes and Noble at my University. I graduated and found a job at an awesome place called: Infant Crisis Services, it is a private foundation that helps babies in crisis by providing milk, diapers and clothes to those in need.

That is my background, a little bit of it, and to tell you the truth I think I had it ”all” at one point. The car I wanted, the cellphone I wanted, the job I wanted, I could spend my money on what I wanted but I was not happy, I was not ME anymore. I didn’t have a dream in years and that was freaking me out so I decided to change what was hurting me inside and make a change to be happy again. So I left, alone.

I left and yes, there were some ugly days and then there were some spectacular days and, oh man, the friends you make on the road, those are definitely the best among the experiences I have under my belt after a year of travelling alone. If you feel scared because everything will fail, it will, honey and you will step back up and start all over again because it’s your life and you are in charge. JUST GO.

There were weeks where I didn’t even have a coin but I had breakfast and I had a bed thanks to being a volunteer at a hostal and with that, I made friends and food was always the gift you get while you travel because food is love; always remember that. At the beginning I was just discovering how is all this trip thing and at the end I think I figured it out or it figured me out because everything was working out on my favor, some people call it ‘Law of attraction’ and I am a firm believer of it. Always be open and give what you are and not what you have, and you will receive exactly what you need; once you see it, it will make you take a double look but it’s real, respect it!

I learned a lot, to let go, that money is not my blood so I can live, that everything will be okay at the end, that people will not understand me but if I am happy it means I am doing the right thing, by doing good I get good things in my path, that longtime friends will disappear after this crazy idea and they did but now I have stronger and realest (can I say that?) friendships,  that I only have this life and I have to make the most out of it, that there are no regrets anymore because when I feel like doing something, I DO IT!
After being a nomad for a year, I can tell you that it has been the best decision ever, even when I miss having my own kitchen to make delish stuff but anyways, I am finally playing in my backyard called EARTH and you should too since it is OURS.
Don’t miss out, woman!

I am not stoping now, uh huh!

If you have any question, please let me know.
If you want to tag alone, you are more than welcome.
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I was absent discovering ME and the world but I am back. Let’s travel this world!

Ps. I am dreaming again since last week, eeeeeeekkkk!!! I must be doing something good, right?

Oh and I started the post in the beach in Ecuador a month ago and finished it in Lima, Perú. Yayyyyy procrastinaton.

Here are SOME pictures for you.

Being a guide at a Pub Crawl in Cuenca, Ecuador. – That night I lost my glasses and they magically appeared 3 days after. Law of Atraction I am telling ya.
Selling chocolates to keep travelling. ”You are the peanut to my chocolate”
Carrying Panchito while a night out as a guide for a Pub Crawl in Cuenca, Ecuador.
#hastaabajosinmiedo on the tour bus being a guide at a Pub Crawl in Cuenca, Ecuador
In Perú visiting Ollantaytambo.
Islas Ballestas, Perú.
La Huacachina, Ica, Perú.
Salinas de Maras in Perú.
Exiting Pisaq, Cuzco, Perú.
View from Pisaq, Cuzco, Perú.
La ballena, Nazca, Perú.
Mt. Scott, Oklahoma, USA.
Luna llena en Lima. FULL MOON in Lima
In front of the Oasis in La huacachina in Ica, PEru. You know, I am a mermaid, no biggie.

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